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Jandd Bottle Bag

Sterling Marathon

Marathon series are constructed with a thicker sheath for durability and long lasting performance.

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The Half is an 8.8mm diameter that is light, compact and ideal for speed ascents. The tough Marathon sheath protects against the most abrasive rock conditions, giving you the durability of a single rope.


Pro can easily be described as the best all around rope for durability and handling. At 10.1mm, the Pro has performed to the highest standards on more routes than most of the competition combined. It features a low impact force and as with all of our ropes DryCore. Also available in solid Black* or solid Olive Drab*. *Olive Drab is not a stocked item and may have longer lead times.


At 10.4mm, the Sport is designed to be light and versatile, yet still very durable with great handling. This mid-size Marathon also features the Sterling DryCore. *Olive Drab is not a stocked item and may have longer lead times.


The Ultra 10.7mm is well known for its burliness and is also the rope used in the Marathon Lanyards. The Ultra is great for top-roping, challenge courses, industrial work and training where a rope will run through many cycles.


The Marathon Mega at 11mm is a whole lotta rope. But don't let its size deter you; this rope delivers extra strength and durability without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Ideal for military, rope courses, high-abuse guiding, work access, rigging, and industrial safety applications. Available in Burnt Orange, Purple, Olive Drab*, and Black*. *Olive Drab is not a stocked item and may have longer lead times. Black is available through custom orders only, call for more details.


  Half Pro Sport Ultra Mega
Diameter 8.8mm 9.8mm 10.4mm 10.7mm 11.2mm
UIAA falls 9 6 7 8 9
Weight 48 g/M 62 g/M 69 g/M 70 g/m 79 g/M
Dynamic Elongation      32.80%      26.40%      29.40%      36.10%      30.80%
Static Elongation 11.00% 8.60% 8.40% 9.00% 9.40%
Impact Force 6.1kN 8.8kN 9.2kN 8.6kN 8.7kN
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